Zina Untu Collection – Grow With Me

Zina Untu’s Collection Grow with Me shows that women can be feminine and strong at the same time. This “feminity equals strength” stamp is quintessential to this collection that exuberates confidence, and elegance.

Navy blue&gray waterproof jacket. Combined with a gentle and elegant pink chiffon maxi skirt. The perfect combination of style, colors, power, and tenderness.

“I have always been enthralled with fashion shows, broadcasts, and films. I loved to read the stories of great designers, was inspired by their perseverance and work. I also dreamed of creating something of my own and saw myself as one of them.
Fashion designers are like magicians to me – they create style and beauty for everyone. A fashion designer, as a psychologist, is always there to help people express themselves through clothing.

Most of all I like it when people glow with happiness and beauty, admiring themselves. It is such a pleasure when you understand that the reason for this joy is precisely you, as the creator and the fashion-designer.

This dream – to become a fashion designer – has grown with me since childhood.

With the full support of my loving family, I started my own clothing line and I want to share now with the world.”

The knitted base of a tight knitwear-jersey-will ideally emphasize only the virtues of your figure, and translucent voluminous sleeves will add to the image of romance.


“The Road to the goal” dress. The classic cut with textured lines gives the dress elegance and confidence to the woman.


French hand lace easily creates an exquisitely romantic image, and black color gives it an aristocratic feature. Multi-layered silk barista, French lace, universal belt-you can easily independently adjust to the desired waste volume.
Two-way voluminous coat-” dress”. A unique silhouette that, combined with a belt, creates geometry to the extent of strict, feminine, and flying lines. This coat will suit any case and perfectly complement any image. Can be combined with an evening dress, and with business/everyday manner. The coat is made of two -way wool with the addition of cashmere( super soft) with unique pockets, and a belt.


"Everything that is real was imagined first."

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